Social Events

Opening Reception

IT University of Copenhagen (Scrollbar) - Monday, July 22nd, at 18:30

Kick off ALIFE 2024 at our opening reception! This is the perfect opportunity to mingle with fellow attendees, enjoy light refreshments, and set the tone for an inspiring week ahead. Whether you’re looking to network with peers, make new connections, or catch up with old friends, the relaxed and welcoming environment will be the perfect backdrop. Let’s start the conference on a high note together!

ERA Round table coffee talks

Coffee corner - Tuesday, July 23rd, at 18:30

Take a break from conference topics to grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy casual networking over board games or video games. This session is purely focused on having a pause from lectures and talks, allowing participants to relax and bond with other ERA (and not only) members.

Boat Tour and Gala Dinner

Copenhagen Harbor & National Museum (Prinsens Palæ) - Wednesday, July 24th, at 17:00
Boat tour location
(Be there before 17:30)

Join us for a canal tour through Copenhagen, culminating with a gala dinner at Prinsens Palæ in the National Museum. The boat tour will showcase the city’s stunning waterways and architectural landmarks, ending right at the National Museum for our evening event.

Spend a delightful evening enjoying fine dining and good company in the historic ambiance of Prinsens Palæ. This event provides an excellent opportunity to relax and forge deeper connections with fellow ALIFE participants amidst one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful settings. We look forward to sharing this memorable evening with you.

ERA Research Cosplay and Academic Karaoke

Auditorium - Thursday, July 25th, at 18:30

What is it? Research Cosplay: Cosplay and/or perform as something from ALife research! For example, you can dress up like a boid, a small grid of neural cellular automata, or gather a small group of friends to form a glider and “glide” across the room. What about dressing up like a kilobot? The possibilities are endless!

The only requirement is that your costume and/or performance needs to be related to some aspect of ALife research (and of course, make sure that it is not offensive to members of our community… but you already knew that).

Relevant costumes made for previous cosplay events are welcome too! Additionally, costumes can be handmade or not, and performances can be original or not (do cite any sources!)

There will be silly prizes🏆
There will also be time and space to work on your costume before showtime.

Academic karaoke:
Time to give a talk. But what on? Someone else’s slides of course, with absolutely no context whatsoever. You got this!

Who can join?
Anyone at ALIFE 2024! Whether you’re an ERA member, a senior professor, or an industry engineer, you’re welcome to participate in ALife Cosplay & Karaoke!

How do I join?
Register here by 14 July!

Farewell Reception

IT University of Copenhagen (Atrium) - Friday, July 26th, at 17:00

Conclude an unforgettable week at our farewell reception. Reflect on the conference's many highlights, share your experiences, and celebrate the culmination of ALIFE 2024 with new friends and colleagues. With light snacks and great company, this evening will offer the perfect final moments to our time together.

Farewell Party

IT University of Copenhagen (Scroll Bar) - Friday, July 26th, at 18:30

Celebrate the end of ALife Conference 2024 at the Scroll Bar @ITU, featuring two exciting music acts from Lil' Data and DJ Algorythm, plus the ALife AV Hackathon showcase.
We can't wait to see you there, chat, drink or heat up the dancefloor with your self-(/dis)-organised moves.

  • 18:30 - 19:00: ALife AV Hackathon showcase
  • 19:00 - 21:00: Hybrid live coding/DJ set by Lil Data (Jack Armitage)
  • 21:00 - 23:00: DJ set by DJ Algorythm
Photo: Frances Beach
Photo: Frances Beach

Jack Armitage (he/they) - @jdkarmitage /

Jack Armitage is a musician, designer and technologist based in Reykjavík, and the founder of Afverhju Ekki - The Absolutely Everything Studio™️. Jack is a postdoc researcher at the Intelligent Instruments Lab, University of Iceland, and has a PhD in Media & Arts Technologies from Queen Mary University of London. Jack's work spans experimental concerts, electronic club performances and DJ sets, multimedia installations, interface design, sound design, music production and composition, and more. Jack's project Lil Data ( released on the PC Music label, and has co-production credits including Charli XCX and Jónsi.

DJ Algorythm (she/her) - @dj_algorythm.mp3 Soundcloud

DJ Algorythm is the DJ project of the artist Vinnie Gotfredsen (she/her) - Copenhagen nightlife activist and part of the norm-breaking porn collective: Bedside Productions.

This self-made visionate artist digs deep in your mind, picking your brain and nostalgia trips you out, leaving you feeling like all your teenage diaries were exposed. DJ Algorythm is the sound of an Audiophiliac with glitchy tendencies, who keeps on surprising with context related songs and obscure, yet danceable beats, music-historic references and through supersonic music magic, she convinces the crowd, that there’s only one answer: Music ❤️

The internet-zoomers Algorythmic approach shines thru in her selection, excavated from deep within the internet-algorithms. Forever genre-defying, abstractly deconstructed, but still - oh so - recognisable.

Satellite events

ERA MiniCon

IT University of Copenhagen - Sunday, July 21st, at 11:00

The ERA MiniCon 2024 is a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the Alife community by sharing your career experiences and offering valuable advice to the next generation of researchers and professionals. Mixing emerging researchers with senior academics, industry, and business gives your opportunities to catch great bright minds focusing on unconventional ideas and research!

Here, we aim to:

  • Provide a platform for practice and feedback to help attendees improve their presentations for the main conference.
  • Offer career guidance through talks and discussions with seasoned professionals from both industry and academia.
  • Facilitate networking and professional development through interactive sessions such as the poster session and career panel.

The event will feature talks focused on career growth and sharing professional experiences. Speakers are encouraged to:

  • Share stories from their careers.
  • Provide insights and advice that could help new members of the Alife community.
  • Discuss their career paths, regardless of whether Alife is the central theme.

During the Digital Event Speakers are encouraged to:

  • Practice condensing material into presentable 5-10 minute talk.
  • Show their presentation for getting feedback on how informative slides are.
  • Prepare to give a talk in front of an audience.

Sign up here!

ERA MiniCon - Practice Session

Online - Friday, July 19th

It is a half day event focused on giving voice to anyone in the field of artificial life - regardless of their background or research certifications - where they can receive feedback on their presentations and projects.

Attendees include like-minded participants, professional researchers and engineers. There, attendees present practice talks, including 15-minute thesis presentations, lightning talks, and slide shows.

We already have a vibrant community of early-career and students built around ERA itself, as well as collaborations with the academic world including ISAL, ProPhounD, and organizers of the ALife Conference.

So whether you are starting out on your research journey, working in industry, or are pursuing alife as a hobby, we'd like bridge out to you and hear your work on unconventional problems in the industry. If that aligns with your current work, then please feel free to take a look at the signup form:

ERA MiniCon 2024 Practice Session Call for Speakers