Social Events

Opening Reception

IT University of Copenhagen (Scrollbar) - Monday, July 22nd, at 18:30

Kick off ALIFE 2024 at our opening reception! This is the perfect opportunity to mingle with fellow attendees, enjoy light refreshments, and set the tone for an inspiring week ahead. Whether you’re looking to network with peers, make new connections, or catch up with old friends, the relaxed and welcoming environment will be the perfect backdrop. Let’s start the conference on a high note together!

ERA Round table coffee talks

Coffee corner - Tuesday, July 23rd, at 18:30

Take a break from conference topics to grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy casual networking over board games or video games. This session is purely focused on having a pause from lectures and talks, allowing participants to relax and bond with other ERA (and not only) members.

Boat Tour and Gala Dinner

Copenhagen Harbor & National Museum (Prinsens Palæ) - Wednesday, July 24th, at 17:00

Join us for a canal tour through Copenhagen, culminating with a gala dinner at Prinsens Palæ in the National Museum. The boat tour will showcase the city’s stunning waterways and architectural landmarks, ending right at the National Museum for our evening event.

Spend a delightful evening enjoying fine dining and good company in the historic ambiance of Prinsens Palæ. This event provides an excellent opportunity to relax and forge deeper connections with fellow ALIFE participants amidst one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful settings. We look forward to sharing this memorable evening with you.

ERA Research Cosplay and Academic Karaoke

Auditorium - Thursday, July 25th, at 18:30

What is it? Research Cosplay: Cosplay and/or perform as something from ALife research! For example, you can dress up like a boid, a small grid of neural cellular automata, or gather a small group of friends to form a glider and “glide” across the room. What about dressing up like a kilobot? The possibilities are endless!

The only requirement is that your costume and/or performance needs to be related to some aspect of ALife research (and of course, make sure that it is not offensive to members of our community… but you already knew that).

Relevant costumes made for previous cosplay events are welcome too! Additionally, costumes can be handmade or not, and performances can be original or not (do cite any sources!)

There will be silly prizes🏆
There will also be time and space to work on your costume before showtime.

Academic karaoke:
Time to give a talk. But what on? Someone else’s slides of course, with absolutely no context whatsoever. You got this!

Who can join?
Anyone at ALIFE 2024! Whether you’re an ERA member, a senior professor, or an industry engineer, you’re welcome to participate in ALife Cosplay & Karaoke!

How do I join?
Register here by 14 July!

Farewell Reception

IT University of Copenhagen (Scrollbar) - Friday, July 26th, at 18:30

Conclude an unforgettable week at our farewell reception. Reflect on the conference's many highlights, share your experiences, and celebrate the culmination of ALIFE 2024 with new friends and colleagues. With light snacks and great company, this evening will offer the perfect finale to our time together. Additionally, enjoy performances of the visuals and music created during the ALife hackathon. Don’t miss this last chance to connect and unwind as we bid each other farewell.